Qinghe Nie Candle

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Have you ever been such a manly man that you qi deviated? Us too! This candle is for the saber-wielders among you, a strong, earthy scent of leather and smoky cedar, with lighter notes of tobacco leaf. Other fragrances notes include honey, cherry wood, vanilla, pepper, thyme, oakmoss, ginseng, vetiver and amber.

This candle has three variant options: an 8 oz. aluminum tin, a 10 oz. recycled glass jar, and a 16 oz. recycled glass jar. The approximate burn time ranges from 20 - 40 hours based on the candle's capacity. All our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and recycled labels.

NOTE: Since this is a preorder, the final product may vary slightly from what is shown. The 8 oz tin and the 10 oz glass jar are pictured; the 16 oz glass jar is identical to the 10 oz jar, but taller.