Yes, please reach out to me before placing an order like this! This will allow me to optimize the way your large order ships.

I am a very small operation and have a limited production capacity, but if you're interested in stocking my products through your own small business, you're welcome to contact me and we can discuss our options.

I post updates on opening dates and inventory on Twitter. That’s the easiest way to check on my progress. You can also join the mailing list via the homepage, and I’ll e-mail announcements about upcoming sales. Currently none of my products are discontinued—I am actually working on expanding!

Shipping policies

I will send my products anywhere in the world as long as you’re willing to pay the cost of shipping. Those costs are calculated by weight based on the items you place in your cart, and you can find out the specific price for your area through checkout.

In-stock items typically ship in 2-7 business days, but since I am a one-person operation, please allow up to two weeks for your order to ship.

For preorders, the shipping date is always an estimate and can be affected by many factors: availability of supplies, volume of orders, my personal wellbeing, etc. I can’t make any guarantees on when your preorder will ship.

Returns and exchanges

For domestic customers: If your order was placed in the US, yes, you will ship back any merchandise you want to return. Please e-mail with your name, order number, and the items you'd like to send back. I will supply you with a pre-paid shipping label for unused merchandise. Returns should be submitted within 45 days of receiving the item(s).

For international customers: I'm not able to cover the cost of return shipping on international orders, but I will issue refunds for international customers instead. 

I can't accept used items, but I can issue refunds for unsatisfactory ones within 60 days of receipt. To get a refund, please follow the same procedure as a return, but include a description of the product's defect.

I can help troubleshoot products that may not be performing well (i.e., wick issues with a candle). I will also replace items that are damaged during shipping or orders confirmed lost by the carrier.